Who Are We

carpet cleaner in croydon CR0Providing high-quality carpet cleaning services in Croydon CR0, TSD Cleaning is the preferred local carpet cleaning provider. Our qualified, reliable and dedicated carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained to give you an expert opinion and advice about the condition of your carpets. They will treat your carpets professionally, paying extra attention to stubborn stains and spillages. Using the most powerful cleaning solutions and advanced techniques, which are not available to the public, our Croydon carpet cleaners will make your carpets look like new. But that is not all: your carpets will be freshen up and disinfected, providing you with safe and healthy environment, free of germs and bacteria. In addition to that, the treatment will improve the air quality in your home, protecting you and your family from asthma and other allergies.


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What We Offer

Our carpet cleaning in Croydon CR0 includes:

  • Hot water extraction
  • Dry cleaning
  • Upholstery, rug and mattress cleaning
  • Spot treatment and stain removal
  • Deodoriser and odour treatment
  • Stain protection treatment / scotch guard



Carpet Cleaning Machine in Croydon CR0Here are our prices at a glance. They are the lowest you can find.

Single bedroom – £18.00
Double bedroom – £22.00
Lounge – £23.00
Dining room – £18.00
Hallway – £13.00
Flight of stairs – £18.00
Landing- £6.00

All prices exclude VAT. Congestion charge and parking fees may apply.

To get a free no obligation quote call us now on 0208 819 9476. Our carpet cleaning in Croydon CR0 is provided 7 days a week with no extra charge for the weekends.


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Our Service

family after carpet cleaning in croydon CR0TSD Cleaning is honourable member of  the National Carpet Cleaning Association (NCCA). We are proud to maintain their high standards of quality and implement the latest trends and developments in the cleaning process. Our carpet cleaners in Croydon CR0 use the most advanced and powerful carpet cleaning equipment and they are specially trained by the best industry experts. Our teams are fully vetted and insured, giving you an extra peace of mind. TSD Cleaning takes care for the nature too. That is why we use only environmental friendly and biodegradable cleaning products with proved quality.

Our Croydon carpet cleaning service is 100% guaranteed. If you not entirely happy with the results, we will re-clean them free of charge to your full and complete satisfaction.


Areas we cover

We also provide carpet cleaning service in the following neighbouring areas:


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Did you know that…

  • Croydon is a large city in the south part of London. It is known as one of 11 metropolitan centres in London. The name of the area was given by the Anglo-Saxons and it means “crocus valley”, showing that Croydon was a centre for cultivation of saffron.
  • During the Middle Ages Croydon was famous market town. Later during the industrial revolution the area was an important industrial centre with plenty of manufactories, car manufactory, metal working etc.
  • Croydon town hallNowadays Croydon is preferable residential suburb to live, especially from people of the middle classes. Croydon has a number of shops and offices, contributing for the development of the area.
  • Whitgift Centre is a home for a lot of shops, well-known chains, and office developments in the heart of Croydon. It goes back to 1970.
  • Fairfield Halls is a large art centre in Croydon built in 1968. It consists of an art gallery, a concert hall, the Arnhem Gallery civic hall, the Ashcroft Theatre. The Halls are home for the great London Mozart Players. Fairfield Halls are used in the famous movie “The Da Vinci Code”.
  • The Warehouse Theatre is a well- known venue, providing the public with innovative performances. The Theatre is an annual host of the International Playwriting Festival.
  • Croydon is the place where the dubstep genre has been created and developed.  A lot of rock talents are found here as well. In Croydon are also situated plenty of venues for live music.
  • Croydon has a number of parks and open spaces, suitable for walking and strolling and other leisure activities. In addition to the parks, Croydon has also a football club.


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