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Shifting to a new home is always exciting, whether it’s your own or a rented place. Obviously when you are moving into your own home, everything is in your control, including the cleanliness of the premises and the removal of any traces of the previous occupants. But when moving into a rented house or flat, preparing the premises for the new occupants is the responsibility of the landlord.

Get your property professionally cleaned before the tew tenant moves in

Landlords do take trouble over cleaning up a home when a tenancy is over, because the better the place looks, the greater the rent they can expect. But a landlord’s interest in cleaning premises prior to a tenant moving in is a business interest while the tenant’s interest is a far more personal one – he has to live there and starting with a properly cleaned home can make all the difference to the future comfort in the house. Many prospective tenants are today looking at having specialized home cleaning in the form of move in cleaning done under their supervision. Most landlords will have done an end of tenancy cleaning when the previous lease expired and are only too happy to escape the hassle of having the home cleaning done and are willing to make the financial adjustments to allow the new tenants to have control over this activity.

Choose an expert cleaning company that will cover every corner of the property

There are cleaning services all over the country that will be able to undertake this work.  In a place like London you will find agencies have specially designated and trained teams to provide move in cleaning services. While a good cleaning services company will know exactly what kind of home cleaning constitutes good move in cleaning and have experienced staff to carry out the work, as the occupant of the premises you can discuss any special concerns with them and modify the cleaning package to suit your needs. Move in cleaning is not just about removing the traces of the previous occupant’s tenancy. It’s also about enabling you to start your tenancy with a literal clean slate. 

Professional home cleaning should restore the premises to a pristine state, normal wear and tear excepted. This means that you do not start your tenancy with scaling around the plumbing fixtures, dirt in and around the skirting, dust under the carpets, kitchen appliances that show evidence of previous usage and upholstery that looks like it has been well used, among other things. Starting with a clean home makes keeping it clean as time passes that much easier.              

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