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As a landlord, you obviously want to get the best rental for your property. While no one can dispute the old saying that the three most important things in property valuation are location, location and location, even if you’re property is in Knightsbridge, Mayfair or any other of London’s most up market areas, the condition of the property –not just how sound it is but how it looks to the prospective tenant – is what will determine the rent you will receive for it. That’s where home cleaning in the form of end of tenancy cleaning plays a major role. 

Secure your  high rent by offering spotless property

No matter how good your previous tenants were, it will not be possible for you to remove all traces of their occupation yourself and restore your property to the pristine state that will get you the maximum rent. What you need is a commercial cleaning agency that will do a professional level end of tenancy home cleaning of your premises to make it as appealing as possible to prospective tenants. 

Mind you, not all cleaning agencies are either equipped or experienced enough to be able to undertake this kind of work. Companies that specialize in office cleaning may be willing to accept an end of tenancy home cleaning job, but even with the best of intentions they will not be able to work to the same level of professional expertise as a cleaning agency that lists end of tenancy cleaning as a special skill and service that it offers.

End of tenancy check list

When deciding on a company to undertake the end of tenancy home cleaning, make sure that they list out in detail the services they will provide.  While each agency will have its own process for producing results, some of the things they should mention in their offer are:   A complete cleaning of the kitchen including polishing of all work surfaces, cleaning the interiors of all cabinets, cleaning of tiles removal of lime scale from taps complete cleaning of the oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, extractor and other appliances, removal of all grease and grime for all surfaces.  In the bathrooms -complete de-scaling of all surfaces, all fittings to be cleaned and polished, and all tiles to be cleaned and polished and mould, if any, to be removed from the grouting, all soap and shampoo stains to be removed, and all mirrors to be cleaned and polished.   In the rest of the house – cleaning of all lights and electrical fittings, dusting of even the most hard to reach corner and skirting joints,   floors cleaned and then carpets vacuumed,  all cushions and mattresses to be cleaned/vacuumed,   all windows and glass fitting to be cleaned etc.   

Getting a good end of tenancy home cleaning done can pay for itself many times over by the increase in rental you can expect to obtain. London has many cleaning agencies – just make sure you pick one with the experience and competence to do a good job.                             

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