Spring clean your wardrobe
Cleaning the bedroom and making space for the summer clothes and outfits

With the summer almost there every woman is getting excited about the shoes, dresses and the colourful handbags.Spring cleaning your bedroom is essential in order to prepare yourself for the variety of choices available to war in the summer months. You just need enough space to get everything carefully put in place and ready for you to wear.

Helpful tips how to clean up your wardrobe

  1. Take everything out of the wardrobe and wipe clean all surfaces
  2. Remove all winter clothes, put them  in bags and store them  in the loft or give away any unwanted clothes  for charity
  3. Get your summer clothes washed and  ironed again and arrange them in sections by colour
  4. If you are a neat freak you can organise them by length too
  5. Arrange your shoes at the bottom at the wardrobe, placing the heels at the back and the flats at the front
  6. Put some hangers on the inside of the wardrobe doors and hang your handbags there

Now you are ready for the hot summer days. You can easily choose and combine your outfits by opening the wardrobe in the morning.  By organising your clothes by colour you can get inspired by the rainbow of the summer trends.

How to keep your wardrobe neat

The second most important thing you need to do is to make sure you never allow your wardrobe to get messy and untidy. If you have to change few outfits for one reason or another (we all do that very often) make sure you put the clothes back to their places on the hangers. If you do that every time you try different outfits  you’ll always have a neat line of clothes ready for the next time you open the door.

However, if you happen to be a messy person and can’t keep the wardrobe tidy for a long time, you can always ask your house cleaner to spend some time in the bedroom and get everything organised again.

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