Cleaning a chandelier
Cleaning the chandelier as part of the domestic cleaning tasks

We choose our chandeliers to be beautiful and shiny, and often they are the focal points of our dining rooms or sitting rooms. Cleaning them is not a desirable task though, but if you know what to do you can easily get your chandelier back to shine. It surely may seem quite a difficult job, but with the right preparation and products you can get the sparkle back on it again.
You can maintain your chandelier in a good condition by regularly dusting it with a feather duster, but you need to also do a deep clean once in a while in order to keep it shiny and sparkling.
Before starting though you need to make sure that you turn the chandelier power off from the light switch.

Necessary equipment for cleaning a chandelier

–          Microfiber cloths

–          Ladder

–          Glass cleaner

Step by step guide how to clean a chandelier

  1. Make sure that the bulbs are cool before you start anything
  2. Place a cloth or something to protect the floor beneath the chandelier
  3. If you are using a ladder make sure its positioned in the right place and it’s sturdy
  4. Using a microfiber cloths start from the top and dust the pieces carefully
  5. Spray a bit of window cleaner if necessary making sure the crystal bits are properly polished
  6. Regularly replace the microfiber cloths when they become dirty
  7. Don’t forget to dust the light bulbs as well

The whole procedure may take a while, but remember that you need to be patient and clean the elements piece by piece. It might be a good idea if you place a folded blanket underneath the chandelier in case you accidentally drop a piece on the floor. Prepare yourself to catch and cushion any crystal bits that are highly fragile.

If you need to disassemble some of the pieces in order to clean them properly you are most likely to need a camera – just take a photo of the chandelier before it’s disassembled. You will probably need to refer to it at the end when you start putting the pieces back together.

Helpful tips

–          Check the manufacture guide for any useful information regarding the cleaning

–          If you are washing the pieces make sure you dust them first

–          When reassembling the chandelier always start with the center pieces and work inside out.

Cleaning the chandelier is something that you don’t often do so make sure you do it properly. Ask your domestic cleaner to help if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

If you need a quick clean before your dinner party and you don’t have the time for a proper clean here is a trick you can use – open an umbrella and hook it to the bottom of the chandelier.  Then get your blow dryer and blow the dust away. The umbrella will catch all the dust and you will have a sparkling chandelier again.




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