How to remove stains from your furniture
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To maintain the beauty of the furniture, its proper cleaning is very important.

If any sort of liquid or food object is spilled on the furniture it leaves stains on it. Cleaning these stains is an important task in maintaining the furniture.

Here are some tips for removing the stains from the furniture.

– Removing stains from wooden furniture: The most difficult part is to maintain the cleanliness of wooden furniture. When the surface finish or the wax on the wooden furniture becomes thin, the moisture penetrates inside. Any kind of liquid can make a stain in this case. Hence proper sealing and finishing of the wooden furniture is must. When the finishing layer undergoes wear and tear, even water can cause these stains. The best way to remove the water stains is by using chlorine bleach. Apply the bleach by keeping the furniture underneath direct sunlight. If this is not possible use a heat lamp and heat the furniture before applying the bleach. Repeat the procedure for maximum three times to remove the complete stain. Let the solution dry off completely. Now clean the cleaned surface with a solution of white vinegar and water.

– Removing oil, ink and paint stains from wooden furniture: Oil and grease stains are rather the most difficult to remove. To remove freshly occurred oil stains, place a blotting paper on the surface. Now, press the surface with a hot iron. This will make the blotting paper absorb maximum amount of oil from the wooden surface. This procedure can be practiced several times, until the stain is removed off completely. For more stubborn stains use a mixture of a liquid spot remover used in dry cleaning and fuller’s earth. Apply a thick paste of the mixture. Let the paste dry off completely. This will remove the stain significantly.

– Ink stains are to be cleaned immediately as they occur. Use the blot paper to absorb the ink. For stubborn stains use oil and rottenstone for cleaning. Otherwise use the solution of warm water and oxalic acid. Put only one drop on the stained surface. Leave it till the stain disappears completely. The water based paints are easy to remove. Just use a damp cloth and wipe off the stained surface. Dry the surface with another clean cloth or blot paper.

-For oil based paints use a paint remover. Dip small portion of the cloth in the liquid paint remover. Wipe the stained surface with the cloth gently. Repeat the procedure until the stain is completely removed.

-Removing alcohol stains from leather furniture: Alcohol can make ugly stains on the leather surface. Cleaning is however easy. Use a saddle soap for cleaning it. This soap can be obtained from a hardware or shoe repair store. Apply a thick layer of soap lather. Damp the cleaning sponge or cloth. Wipe off the lather and dry the surface completely. Later on polish the leather surface with a soft cloth.

-Removing cat urine stains from furniture: Cat urine generate amber coloured stains on any kind of furniture. Along with this, its odour is unpleasant. Hence try to remove the cat urine immediately after it spills over the furniture. Use blotting paper to absorb maximum liquid. If the urine spills over the carpet then dampen the area first. Then apply little amount of dry baking soda. It will remove the stain and odour to the maximum extent. Professional carpet cleaning may be needed for old urine stains.

Removing stains from the furniture is not that difficult, a little patience and effort on you part, can help keep your furniture spic and span.



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