Coffee stain removal
Removing coffee stain from carpet using hot water extraction

Have you ever wondered why spilling coffee on your carpet is more likely to happen than spilling a soft drink? The reason for this is because most of the time you are half asleep when you are having your coffee in the morning and this could lead to an accident.

The coffee give us the necessary caffeine to get through the activities of the day and keep us sharp, but it could also cause a nasty stain on your carpet if you allow this to happen.

How to prevent your carpet from coffee stains

The first most important rule you have to follow in order to reduce the risk of getting coffee stains on your carpet is not to leave your coffee unsupervised.  Especially if you have little children or pets in the house.  Make sure you cup of coffee is always safely put on the table or high enough where the small hands could not reach.

In case the accident happens and the coffee is spilled on the carpet you need to act quickly to reduce the damage.

Easy steps to follow when you spill coffee on a carpet

  1. Blot the coffee with paper towel (or white cloth) – it is important that you do this as soon as possible. Do not rub it, just blot it to absorb most of the coffee. Remember that any rubbing will force the stain deeper into the carpet fibres and will help the stain setting in.
  2. Repeat the procedure and use some water if necessary. Use cold water, not hot, and repeat the blotting process several times.
  3. Remember that this is not a solution to remove the stain – this will only help reducing the damage to the carpet. Using special detergent or professional carpet cleaning company will be required in order to remove the stain completely.
  4. You can use a home- made solution of washing up liquid and luke warm water. You can also use a special stain removing spray like Vanish. Be careful as some stain removing chemicals could cause more harm to the carpet rather than help removing the stain. You could cause a permanent discoloration on your carpet in some cases so read the instruction on the bottle carefully.
  5. Professional carpet cleaning treatment is the safest way to remove a coffee stain from the carpet. Most cleaning companies offer same day appointments.  It is crucial that you have the carpet cleaned as soon as possible as this will increase the chances to get the stain completely removed.

Don’t forget to ask the carpet cleaning technician to apply some stain protection on your carpet after the treatment – this will prevent your carpet from any future spillages or stains and will save you money in a long term.

carpet cleaning tsd
carpet cleaning tsd


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