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Everyone has experienced the stress of moving to a new house where some building work has to be done prior to this. Whether it’s a minor or a major project it’s always stressful and unpredictable.

Steps to follow when planning a building work

The first thing you need to do when planning a major building work is finding a reliable building company to employ. Look at their previous work, ask for references and most importantly – check the references and ask their previous clients for feedback.

Agreeing on a time scale for the work is the second very important thing you need to do. Ask for a completion date and make sure you are firm about it. Bear in mind that in 90% of the cases there are delays with the completion of the projects and you should consider eventual delay. However, letting the contractors know that you need a quick completion will prevent any possible delays.

Make plans and arrangement what you will have to do if the building work takes longer than expected. It is crucial to predict any possible problems that may arise so you make the necessary steps to accommodate your family if the worst happens. A major building work is likely to take few months and you should be prepared to patiently wait. It’s better to have flexible accommodation arrangements in case you need to prolong your stay with a month or so.  You’d better predict this at the beginning than having to live around builders in a dusty and noisy house.

Find a professional cleaning company to clean after the builders

The final arrangement you need to make is to find a cleaning company to clean the house after the builders. Ask someone to visit the site and give you a fixed price rather than hourly based quote. Obtain few quotes from different cleaning companies and request everything in writing.  Make sure they provide all cleaning materials and equipment and they guarantee the results. Bear in mind that cheap companies are likely to provide cheap service, so don’t hesitate to pay premium rates for premium service.

Builders cleans are likely to take longer so allow yourself few days before you make arrangements for the big move into your brand new and clean house.

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