How to clean a bathtub
Cleaning a bathtub as part of the regular domestic cleaning tasks

Bathtubs are getting dirty very quickly and they could spread a lot of germs. You can easily become a victim of a serious ailment if you don’t clean your bathtub regularly and if you allow the dirt and grime to build up.
Limescale, soap scum, mineral deposits and other dirt can easily cause an extreme concern in a long run so it is important that you clean your bathroom at least once a week. Neglected bathtubs are not only causing serious problems like spreading bacteria, but they can also take some time and elbow grease to get rid of the mildew and the lime scale.

Useful instructions of how to clean your bathtub efficiently

1.   Remove all items surrounding the bathtub and make sure it is clear. Remove all products, toiletries and loofas from the shower, clear the shelves and toss all used towels outside the bathroom. Wipe the toiletries down while you are doing this and make sure they are clean for later to be put back at their places.

2.   Quickly rinse the bathtub with the shower head or with a bucket to remove all sand or other debris before applying any bathroom cleaning product.

3.    You can use all-purpose cleaner if you clean your bathtub regularly. If it requires serious cleaning and scrubbing then you can use acid based cleaning product.

4.   Remember to spray some cleaning product on the walls surrounding the bathtub too.  Let it soak for a while– leave it for 10 -15 minutes and let the chemical works.

5.   Scrub with a sponge to remove the lime scale and the soap scum.  If the gout is dirty and mildewed then you need to get some tile cleaner and a grout brush.  Work from top to bottom and rinse away thoroughly

6.   You can use an old toothbrush or other small cleaning brush to tackle the corners or other hard to reach areas where soap scum has been collecting. Make sure the area around the drain is thoroughly cleaned and remove any stained rings

7.   Rinse away the dirt and grime and make sure it stays away.

Helpful tips

–              Always wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and skin. The gloves are extremely important as they will save your hands from the harmful effect of the used chemicals.

–              Open the windows to allow more ventilation and let some fresh air come in. Remember that the heavy duty products release gases which you should avoid breathing

–              Remember not to use abrasive cleaning products on acrylic bathtubs. Also, the brush you are using for the scrubbing should be soft and bristled

–              You should never mix household cleaners. Remove all residues before spraying with another cleaning product.

Repeating the procedure every week or every fortnight will ensure you keep your bathtub spotless and squeaky clean. Ask you domestic cleaner to help if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.



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