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Whether you have a big house or a flat, space remains to be an issue for most of us. The amount of things we accumulate in our house, amounts to clutter and if it starts to pile up, there is no end to the chaos and confusion it can create.

De-cluttering and cleaning your apartment doesn’t sound like fun-to-do jobs, but it certainly is one of the must-to-do jobs. If it’s been over a year since you have done the real de-cluttering for your apartment and would like to cleanup the place now then get ready for some good action.

The cramped place with too much stuff makes the place look disorganized and you will be surprised to see how the ever-increasing stuff goes on stealing space in your home. Hence before you reach an emergency situation, make up your mind to de-clutter and clean up your apartment at the earliest possible.

How to de-clutter, organise and  clean your apartment

If you have never done the de-cluttering of the apartment before and have never had the chance to clean it up thoroughly then you can take help from the people who have already done it or resort to free online professional guidance. Either ways you can make use some handy tips and suggestions here.

– Try not to do everything in a single attempt. What has taken a whole year to get piled up can’t be cleaned up in a day’s time. The attempt to do all in one day can be plain overwhelming and can give you more stress than a messy apartment.

– Create a schedule and give yourself a deadline to finish the de-cluttering and cleaning of the apartment. Set a start and finish date and on an average give yourself at least one week to get rid of all the junk and reorganize all the important things in the apartment.

– Once you set up the dates and the deadline, prioritize or sequence your cleaning up process. Decide what space you want to clean up first and get started from there. It’s a good idea to create different piles of things to clean up your place off things that you don’t use anymore. Say, you can create three different piles of things – a pile of things that you no longer use and want to dispose it off straight to the garbage, second pile up of things that you can’t part with as they are still in use, third pile up could be of items that can sold with the help of a garage sale or you can donate it for some cause.

It’s a promise that dividing all the stuff lying in your apartment into different piles is not going to be easy. Especially when you will have to part with stuff that has emotional value, but has practically no use what so ever. To de-clutter a smaller apartment that has been already in need of space is all the more challenging and can be time consuming. Do not ever go by the size of your apartment and imagine that a smaller apartment can be cleaned up in lesser time than a huge apartment.


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