How to clean window frames
Cleaning the window frames as part of the professional window cleaning service

Keeping your windows perfect and spotless is the way you can view the bright world outside your home. Your windows are your eyes to see the full colours of the world outside so they need to be in immaculate condition all the time.

Windows get dirty quickly – they collect dust and dirt from the outer and inner environments. Not only the glass gets dirty, but the window frames gather dirt and dust too. When cleaning your windows you need to make sure everything is completely clean. We often forget the window frames, but they should also be wiped to enhance the aesthetics.

Step by step guide how to clean window frames

1. Always start cleaning the outside frames. Remove the dirt from the grooves first using a clean cloth.

2. Do not overlook the window tracks – you can use vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt that is stuck there, wipe clean with a damp cloth after that.

3. Clean the frames starting from the top, then proceed to the side and the bottom. To remove the stains and smudges you can use window cleaner or mild soap solutions.

4. Avoid using abrasive products when cleaning window frames as they may cause scratches and damage the material of the frames. Be careful not to spoil the wall paint too.

Cleaning aluminium window frames

Painted aluminium window frames can be cleaned with commercial cleaner of mild variety – check the label first to be sure it could be used on painted surfaces. You can also clean painted aluminium frames using a solution of water and mild cleaning detergent. Make sure you rinse off the solution afterwards and remove the excess water with dry cloth.

Cleaning of the window frames needs to be done prior to cleaning the actual glass. Remember that it is not recommended to clean the frames when it’s too hot or too cold. Any traces of the used cleaning solution should be completely removed at the end, either by being wiped or rinsed with water.

Cleaning PVC window frames

The best way to sparkle your old PVC window frames is by painting them. Use quick drying UPVC gloss paint. White paint is perfect for worn out window frames.

If you only need to clean and refresh the PVC window frames then use cream cleaner or solvent cleaner. Both work very well on such frames and will make a huge difference.

By regular washing every other week you can keep the PVC frames in immaculate condition. White vinegar also works well on these frames, removes the the grease, grime and the dirt and keeps them as white as ever.



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