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Regular cleaning of the bathroom will prevent the accumulation of soap scum

Soap scum is formed due to the reaction of hard water with household soaps. The layers of soap scum are often found on the inner edge of the bath tub and shower curtain. These layers are not easily removed with simple rinsing of the bath tub. The layers are generally tough to remove and hence require special methods.
The soap scum is normally found around the bath tub ring. Here are some tips that will help you in removing the soap scum.

How to remove soap scum

The soap scum can be easily removed when it is freshly formed. For this you will have to rinse the bath tub with water immediately after you get out of it. When the layer is in its thinnest form you can clean it without much effort. Once the layer starts accumulating for days and days together, it will get tougher to clean.
Apply a thin layer of furniture polish or wax on the shower walls and the inner surface of the tub. This will prevent the soap scum from sticking on these areas. However remember to clean the surface thoroughly before applying the polish on it.

If the soap scum has already covered the bath tub surface, then here are some cleaning tips:

Make a solution of ammonia and water with water being double in quantity than ammonia. Spray this solution on the soap scum. Wipe it off with a wet cloth. Once you have cleaned the surface, rinse the bath tub thoroughly. If you are allergic to this ammonia smell, you can use vinegar. Warm up some vinegar in a microwave. Spray it on the soap scum. Leave the vinegar on the surface for 1 to 2 minutes. Then rinse off the surface with water.
You can scrub off the soap scum with some hard material. However remember not to use a material that will scratch the bath tub surface along with the soap scum. You can use a dryer sheet. This sheet scratches the soap scum smoothly.
You can use the commercial products for cleaning the soap scum. However make sure to read the instructions before using them.

Tips for preventing the soap scum getting accumulated

Prevention is better than cure. This is well suited for the soap scum cleaning. You have to invest only a few minutes after you get out of shower or bath tub. The hot water forms a layer of moisture on the bath tub and shower walls. Just wipe off this moisture with a clean and dry cloth. The moisture makes the layer of the soap scum go thin. Hence it is cleaned even after it is just wiped with cloth. Along with this, take out some time every week for cleaning your shower. This will take 15 to 20 minutes of your weekend. Use a liquid cleaner and the solutions mentioned above to clean the walls of the shower and the bath tub. Rinse everything with clear water. Wipe of extra water. Dry it off with a clean and dry cloth. When you practice this procedure every week, the bathroom will remain clean for a longer time and will prevent the accumulation of soap scum.


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