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Regular cleaning of the bathroom will help reducing mould growth

Mould is a similar fungus like yeast and mushrooms. Some moulds are harmful while others are harmless. Allergies are increased as a result of mould activity. The spores released by moulds are the main reason behind some allergies. The other major problems as a result of moulds are irritation of the eyes, skin, throat which can go serious. Some moulds produce toxins, which when ingested will cause some severe health issues.
Mould can grow anywhere whether it is inside or outside. Moisture, food and warmth are the ideal conditions for the growth of mould. You can’t remove the mould completely though you can control them to some extent.
Moulds could be found in areas where moisture and humidity are high. These places include kitchens, bathrooms, walls where leaky pipes are present.
In bathrooms mould can grow widely due to the humidity and dampness. Watch out for the grout between the tiles, faucets, shower areas, soap holders for mould and mildew. Mould can also be found on the ceiling of the bathrooms. Cleaning your bath with mild detergents and bleach can reduce them to some extent. If it is free of soap foam, oil, shampoo etc the chances are less for the mould to be active. The doors and windows should be kept open for a while daily to dry out and reduce the moisture. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, install a fan which will help to dry out the bathroom.

How to remove mould and mildew

The tile grouts should be cleaned regularly so that mildew won’t get accumulated. If the mildew is very active on the tile grouts, prepare a solution of domestic bleach and water in the ratio 1:4 and apply it if necessary. This can be applied on shower curtains to make them free of mildew. Finally rinse off with plain water and wipe it with a paper towel.
Vinegar can also be used in the place of domestic bleach. If any of the pipes have leaks, moulds will accumulate in the areas where moisture is present. Most of the leaks can’t be seen from outside, in which case the moulds will grow widely. Check for all the leaks and fix the problem by seeking the help of a professional plumber. If there is leak in the roof, water can reach inside the area and destroy the walls. It is better to fix the problem by hiring a good water proofing agent. In case the entire roof is to be replaced hire a professional roofing agent.
While cleaning the bathroom in order to take care of the mould and mildew, wear proper clean up items such as dust masks, rubber gloves, and a protection for your eyes. It is dangerous if your skin, eyes, lungs get in touch with the mould.
You should throw away all the mould affected materials whether it is ceiling tiles, wall or wood pieces. Affected products like drapes, rugs can be cleaned by a professional cleaner. If there are any signs of moulds in any of these items, discard them completely.




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