Cleaning with vinegar
Vinegar could be used for removing water marks and soap scum

For a cheap and versatile cleaner, nothing beats the power of good old vinegar.

The versatility of vinegar for cleaning in and around the home has been known for centuries. Not only is vinegar a great all-purpose cleaner for just about any surface (except marble), like baking soda it is a deodorizer and disinfectant as well…and it’s all natural.

Before you start cleaning with vinegar do a spot test to be sure that it will not damage your furniture or other items. Make a solution of fifty/fifty vinegar and water for cleaning purposes. Clean a small area with a little of the vinegar solution and examine for damages.

Here are some cleaning tips using vinegar:


• Mix some vinegar, lemon juice and baking powder into a paste and you have a cleaning paste good for dishes, and to remove stains from counters and floor.
• A mixture of water and vinegar is great for cleaning stovetops, refrigerators, appliances and countertops.
• For fresh, sparkling dishes without streaks add a half cup of vinegar to your dishwater when rinsing; vinegar is safe for use in dishwashers.
• Place a microwave-safe container with a little vinegar, dishwashing liquid and some warm water in your microwave; set on high for about three minutes. Let stand for a while and then wipe the inside of the microwave with a damp rag.
• Vinegar is great for cleaning grease from grills, walls and dishes as well.


• Use undiluted vinegar to help get rid of unsightly rings in toilet. Flush the toilet to reduce the level of water and pour the vinegar inside, let stand for about ten to fifteen minutes and scrub.
• Mix equal parts vinegar and water and use the mixture to clean bathroom walls, floors and fixtures and see water marks and soap scum disappear.


• Add approximately half cup vinegar to your rinse water and you have a natural fabric softener. This alternative to store bought fabric softener is great for persons with sensitive skin.


• Vinegar and water is a wonderful window cleaner; experiment with proportions to find what works best for you. I find that a fifty/fifty mix is good. After cleaning the windows, dry with newspaper.

Other cleaning uses:

• A mixture of vinegar, ammonia, baking soda and water can do wonders when used to clean walls.
• Clean calcium build-up from around pipes by applying some vinegar solution to the deposit and let stand overnight.
• If you want to remove water marks from pipes, soap paper towel in vinegar and wrap around the pipe, leave for a while then wipe clean.
• White vinegar can also be used as a spot remover on white carpets. Soak a piece of white paper towel or rag in vinegar (full strength is best) and blot spots. This will work for most type of stains.

Although vinegar carries a strong scent, no need to worry about lingering vinegar odour in your home because the scent goes once the vinegar dries, and it dries quickly.


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