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Our professional domestic cleaning includes regular cleaning of the switches too

One of Murphy’s little known laws is that the dirtier the hand, the more likely it is to turn on a switch. Little known, but very true.
One of the biggest headaches of domestic cleaning is getting the dirt off electrical switches. Why should this concern you when you have a domestic cleaning service to look after all these small problems? Two reasons – one, the cleaners won’t be coming every day and there is nothing as unsightly as dirty switches and two, oil and chemical deposits from hands that are left on switches could damage the finish.
Not all the switches in your house will be used to the same extent, so the problem of dirty switches should normally be limited to a few areas like the kitchen or garage. If you notice the switches showing signs of dirt, don’t let them stay dirty till the next round of house cleaning, do it as soon as possible to prevent the dirt from getting ingrained in the switches and damaging the finish.
Of course, when dealing with anything electrical there are a few precautions you need to take.
–       First of all turn off the electricity to the room where you are cleaning the switches
–       Never apply water directly on to the switches
–       Never spray cleaning fluids directly on to the switches

cleaning switches
Keeping all switches clean and germ free is essential

–       Start by using a paper towel to wipe the grease and oils off the switch surface. Repeat two or three times if necessary – you will probably have to do this in the kitchen
–       Spray some gentle domestic cleanser onto a soft cloth and gently rub the switch. Repeat if needed until all signs of dirt and grime are gone.  If thee are stubborn stains that will not go easily, apply a little of the cleaning solution to the stain using a piece of cloth and allow the area to remain damp for a minute or two before wiping it. If this still does not work, you will have to wait for the domestic cleaning service to come in and take care of it.
Always make sure that the switch and surrounding areas are completely dry before turning on the power to the room.  Switches are going to be touched and there is no way of keeping dirt from getting on them, but regular cleaning, either as a stand alone effort or to supplement the work of a domestic cleaning service will keep your switches looking new for a long time.

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