Cleaning a shower screen
Removing water marks from shower screen

The best way to keep your shower screen sparkling clean is to use shower spray after each use. You need to start this procedure from the very beginning and maintain regular deep cleaning of the screen at the same time.

Other good advice to keep the shower screen lime scale free is to squeegee the screen after showering.

Apart from removing the water marks regularly you also need to deep clean the glass every week and remove the lime scale with a special product. This will prevent the water marks build up to a point when the lime scale gets beyond cleaning.

Easy steps to follow when cleaning a shower screen

  1. Use a product that removes lime scale
  2. Spray the wet glass with the product and rub in evenly everywhere
  3. Leave it for 20 – 30 minutes to work
  4. Get a sponge with a green scrubbing pad and scrub it until the water marks are gone
  5. Rinse it with water and dry it after that
  6. Spray the shower screen with glass cleaner to finish it off

It’s hard to maintain your shower screen sparkling clean if you don’t follow one simple rule – deep cleaning once a week with a lime scale removing product. This will not only remove the water marks from the glass, but will also clean the rubbery bit at the bottom, which turns to orangey pink after a while.

The importance of  wiping the water after each use of the shower

You need to make sure the shower screen is wiped and dried after each use. You can use bathroom eCloth or Shower shine. Spraying with Shower shine works great – you can use it on the glass, the tiles, the hose/ head. If you use it regularly you  don’t even  have to deep clean the shower every week.  A quick clean with glass cleaner will do the job and your shower screen will be always sparkling and shiny.  The only downturn is that you might need to get few bottles of shower shine each week, depending how big your family is. It will still be cheaper than replacing the glass screen due to lime scale and water marks , which are not removable.

If you don’t have time to bother with these things you can simply book a cleaning lady to come on a weekly basis and clean the bathroom professionally. The regular domestic cleaning starts at £9.00 per hour depending how many hour you will need.

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