How to clean dehumidifier
Dehumidifiers clean the air, but they also require regular cleaning

Dehumidifiers are used to reduce the moisture in the air in your home of office. High levels of humidity make the air heavy and leaves the room feeling dump and unpleasant. High humidity damages the furnishings and can cause a permanent mould and mildew presence.
The dehumidifier is used on places where the level of the humidity is high. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of mould and mildew and to prevent any allergies and other related conditions.

Recommended tools to clean a dehumidifier:

1 Big container
2 Long handled narrow brush
3 Rags
4 Oil can
5 De-greaser or spray detergent
6 Variety of screwdrivers
7 New filter

Step by step guide to clean a dehumidifier:

–          Remove the water container (collection bucket) from the unit. Wipe clean it after removing the water and use a soft cloth to dry it off.  The water collection bucket should be cleaned on a regular basis because it can contain minerals and particles, which could be harmful if in a large quantities. The water could also target unnecessary mould and mildew
–          Remove the air filter from the rear of the machine. Check if it has any damages or blockages.  If the filter requires replacing you can either change it or clean it. Use warm water and mild detergent, soak in in the sink for 15 minutes, rinse it thoroughly and leave it to dry after that. If there is no filer in the dehumidifier, then proceed to the next step.
–          Remove the outer cover of the dehumidifier. Have a selection of screws ready in case you need them. Be extra careful when removing the cover – you may need to unscrew few bolts or you may need to remove the front grille first. Sometimes the parts are screwed to one another or they may form a puzzle structure. Work around any wires or indicator lights and try not to pull them off.
–          Once the cover is removed you will have access to the heating and cooling coil. Both will require cleaning with a narrow long handled brush. Using an up and down motion is recommended as this will prevent bending fins. Be extra cautious when working around fins – they are made from aluminum and could be easily damaged. After removing the dust with the brush you need to use de-greaser for a deeper clean. You can also use other light cleaner. Protect the motor and be careful not to allow any water spillages over it as well as over any electrical components.
–          Pour few oil drops into the motor – allocate the oil holes first, it should be easy after the front and the back grilles are removed. 3 – 4 drops are sufficient, add them slowly and allow few seconds interval between each drop.
–          Straighten any fins that are bent – this will improve the efficiency of the airflow through the coils.
–          Clean the fan blade by wiping the dirt away with a soft rag, while trying not to bend the blades
–          Vacuum thoroughly the base and the underside of the metal cover
–          Leave the machine to dry completely before assembling it again. Plug in and test.

Cleaning the dehumidifier is a task, which should not be overlooked. If you leave this to be done by your regular domestic cleaner write a clear instructions and step by step guide.





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