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Maintaining a carpet is not an easy task. While choosing a carpet, choose one which has a stain resistant coating. These days most of the carpets have such coating. But these coatings may not be completely stain resistant. To a certain extent this coating will prevent stains from settling in the carpet. If you have children at home it is difficult to prevent carpets from stains. They may spill fruit juice, ketchup, milk etc on it. It is always better to know certain tips for removing stains from carpet.

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Preventing  Tips

In order to prevent the carpet from stains you need to follow some practice and rules:

– Vacuum the carpet regularly so that the dust won’t settle in the carpet to form stains. For cut pile carpets, use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar.

– If you have loop pile carpets use a suction only vacuum cleaner otherwise the loops will tear off. – Throw some rugs or mats at the entrance of the door, so that most of the dust from your shoes will not get into the carpet.

– Discourage your children from eating and drinking in the carpet as most of the stains are from food residues. Remove the stains immediately as they occur because it is difficult to remove once they get settled in.

– If the carpet is wet with a spill immediately blot the spot with a dry sponge or a wool cloth. Even after blotting the spot, if the stains are not removed spray plain water and dab with a wool cloth.

– If you don’t have a carpet cleaner use club soda which prevents the stain to go deeper. Whenever some fluids get spilled in the carpet, use a paper towel to absorb the fluid. But remember not to press deeply with a paper towel which will let the fluid to go deeper inside the carpet. If the stains get dried up, use a knife and scratch smoothly so that the major stain gets removed. You can keep any of these stain removers in your house, which are really helpful:

• Dry cleaning solvent
• Dish washing Liquid
• Club Soda
• Salt
• Baking Soda
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• White Vinegar

Dry cleaning solvent is available at any departmental store or carpet cleaning supplier. Carpet odours are yet another problem to tackle. These odours may be the result of food items, milk spilled on the carpet, discharge from the pets, and foul substances that came along with your shoes etc. If your carpet is removable, remove and take it outdoor and cleanse it with a mild shampoo and dry it out in the sun.

But most of the carpets found are permanently installed in your room. You can clean them with mild detergents and instead of cleaning it outdoors dry it under a fan. If the carpet doesn’t dry completely it will create an odour of its own.

If your carpet has got lots of stains which you can’t manage by homemade cleaning tips, there are lots of carpets cleaning products available in the market. But always make sure that you are buying one which is suitable for your carpet. Identify the material of your carpet and choose a product which is safe for that particular material. Always call professional carpet cleaners if you feel it’s not within your means to get the carpet cleaner. They have special products for removing impossible stains.



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