I desperately need an end of tenancy cleaning at my flat. Yesterday! Honestly, the way people treat what is actually your house rather than theirs! Even if Those People did own that particular flat instead of renting it, it’s no way to treat a house. Even dogs know better than to get the place they live and eat filthy – and you’d think that these particular tenants ought to know a thing or two about dogs, given what’s been left behind in YOUR rental property. About the only things that would find that flat attractive now are flies and rats – and they seem to have moved in already.

People are Different

Some people really are pigs who don’t seem to know one end of a broom from another and don’t seem to have heard of soap. They also seem to have been living on pizza and takeaway curry rather than cooking – at least, that’s what the pile of old boxes and cartons seems to suggest. It’s also the best explanation for that weird yellow gunk all over the bench that just has to be old curry. Well, at least, you hope it’s old curry.

In some cases, they’re unfortunates with poor mental health who really should be in some sort of care because they just don’t get it. Others suffer from depression and lose the drive to do anything, especially cleaning. (At this point, you might be wondering why you were the unlucky landlord whose tenants got depressed while other landlords get the germ-phobic obsessive-compulsives who clean everything meticulously!). Other tenants are harder to figure out – they seem to suffer from a condition known as I Can’t Be Bothered With All That or something self-inflicted like a close relationship with a vodka bottle or ten. However, the results are the same from your perspective: they’ve gone (thank goodness) or you’ve booted them out and now you’re looking at your filthy London rental property wondering what to do next.

We understand if you’re spitting mad after the Tenants From Hell have moved out, leaving you with a big mess on your hands. We have seen it all before and we know all about the mouldy carpets, the mildew on the windows, the rancid butter left in the cupboards, the thick layers of black dust, the scungy bathrooms and the toilets that just don’t bear thinking about. We’ve seen the hoarders, the clutter-bunnies, the crazy cat ladies and the dotty dog gents. So all you need to do is to take a deep breath and relax… although you might need to step out of that filthy flat before you even think about breathing because of the smell.

It’s going to be OK. We really have seen it all before and we have cleaned places that are probably even worse than the way that your London rental property looks right now.

Even The Dirtiest Flat Can Get Clean Again

Right now, you might be sympathising with the Beatrix Potter character Mrs Tittlemouse, who looked around her once tidy little home and asked “Will it ever be tidy again?” Well, those of you who remember the book from childhood will know that a thorough spring cleaning mean that the heroine did get her tidy house back and was able to celebrate it with a nice party (if you don’t, then maybe reading a nice children’s book will help you feel a bit better after the stress of finding your semi-trashed rental property). And it’s true – the bit about thorough and diligent cleaning making even the worst place look better again eventually, not the bit about talking mice wearing aprons getting busy with scrubbing brushes. If only the mice that have got into your rental property could clean up rather than widdling all over the place…

Unless actual structural damage has been done to walls, windows and the like, then most dirt and mess can be cleaned up and removed. All it takes is grit, determination, a bit of know-how and a good pair of rubber gloves. A few good cleaning tools and a decent dollop of disinfectant can help as well, and maybe a few good tunes on the radio, iPad or phone. Yes, even the dirty toilets can smell fresh and clean again, and all the mouse turds will disappear. It’s just a matter of sticking at it.

It can take a lot of time to get a dirty flat or rental home up to scratch again. In the children’s book, it took Mrs Tittlemouse a fortnight of steady, diligent work. This is where you might get discouraged again. You’ve got a full-time job, and all that time that your property sits vacant, you’re not collecting any rent money either. And what sort of tenant is going to want to rent a place that’s filthy right from the start? You certainly don’t want to go there again.

Well, you don’t need to worry. You can look on TSD Cleaning as your fairy godmother who’s here to help. All will be well again. Your rental property will be ready for some new tenants – and we can bet that you’ll be sure to insist on a deposit as part of the rental agreement. I hope for your sake that you got one from those horrible former tenants, as this money can go towards getting the place properly cleaned by experts.

TSD’s End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

London end of tenancy cleaners

No matter how bad a mess your tenants have left behind them or how big (or small) your London rental property is, TSD Cleaning is here to help. We have teams of end of tenancy cleaning specialists who are fantastic at what they do. Each of our moving out cleaning team members is fully trained as a housecleaner and they all know how to work together to get the best results. The beauty of using a team to clean newly vacated properties is that the job gets done super-quick as well as to a high standard – and each team member can check on the work of the others. Having a team doing the job means speed as well as thoroughness, and this means that your London rental property will be back to normal and will stand vacant for as little time as possible.

We know that some properties take longer to clean than others, and that it’s worth taking the time to do the job properly to your satisfaction (in fact, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place that states we’re going to do exactly this). This is why we use a per-job rate rather than an hourly rate. We don’t want you to have any nasty surprises on the bill. After all, you’ve already been through enough with a bunch of bad tenants. We’ve also got full insurance cover, giving you extra peace of mind.

We operate in all parts of the Greater London Metropolitan Area, from one end to the other. What’s more, if you want to give your rental property a bit of extra TLC on top of regular end of tenancy cleaning, we can help you with this. For example, if you want to book in for carpet cleaning as well as moving out cleans, then you can get a discount on the carpet clean if you book both at the same time. We’ve got a range of professional cleaning services available and we are very familiar with working with London landlords to help rental properties stay in good shape. We’ve been in business since 1998 and we know a thing or two!

Of course, we can clean your rental property even if you’ve had nice tidy tenants and you just want to freshen the place up a bit so that you can attract a new set! Please contact us if you want to know more about our London end of tenancy cleaning services or about any of our other professional cleaning services whenever you like.

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